Marsal Gifra

"Let's be limitless in our dreams and fearless in our pursuits"



Over the past 20 years, Marsal Gifra has founded and led ventures in pioneering sectors such as the Internet, Mobile and Space.

In 1996, he created his first startup. After two years, Telefónica bought into his venture and became part of Terra Networks, one of the largest Internet portals in the world.¹ Shortly after Terra's successful IPO, he left to found Latinia, a European mobile company pioneer in providing interactive SMS-based services.² Then a few years later, he moved into the new emerging commercial space industry. In 2007, he cofounded Galactic Suite, a space tourism venture which planned to build a space resort in orbit.³


  Internet Industry

(¹) "Terra agrees to buy Lycos in $12.5 billion deal" Wall Street Journal  

Terra's Search Engine Ad

Terra Network's Search Engine Ad. Credit: DDB


  Mobile Industry

(²) "Latinia launched by former Terra executives; $5 million secured" BizWire  

Latinia's Mobile Banking Platform

Latinia's Mobile Banking Platform. Credit: LIB

Galactic Suite

  Space Industry

(³) "With thousands signing up as space tourists, a race is on" New York Times  

Galactic Suite's Commercial Space Station

Galactic Suite's Space Station. Credit: GSG

As a business pioneer, he is continuing to pursue new ideas and ventures that have a vision of changing the world.

In 2017, he founded the think-lab Q Singular with the aim of identifying and testing new technologies that could be game-changers. Among the technologies impacting the present and future of business, there are three —Artificial Intelligence¹, Renewable Energy,² and Virtual Reality³— in which he foresees a huge opportunity to develop new disruptive ventures due to its potential to revolutionize transversally across sectors.


  Artificial Intelligence

Undular to create AI-based search bots.

(¹) "Artificial intelligence will change everything" Wall Street Journal  

Microsoft's Metro UI

Metro UI Concept. Credit: Microsoft


  Renewable Energy

Lhylox to generate clean hydrogen fuel.

(²) "Hydrogen may prove fuel of the future" Scientific American  

BMW's Hydrogen 7 Car

Hydrogen-powered Car. Credit: BMW


  Virtual Reality

Immergio to develop immersive VR/MR.

(³) "Immersive virtual reality: The next frontier" Financial Times  

Monash University's Immersive Facility

Immersive Facility. Credit: Monash University



As a space advocate, Marsal Gifra is actively involved in creating and promoting new public-private ventures within the space industry.

In 2011, he founded the initiative Homo Spaciens with the aim of increasing public support for the quest of becoming a multi-planetary species.¹ Within the same year, he was selected to participate in the 100 Year Starship, a project study seeded by DARPA and NASA for making interstellar travel practicable.² In 2015, he was invited by ESA to discuss the Moon Village project,³ where he proposed the Selenopolis programme. Currently, he is pitching plans for a proposed Global Space Fund with the aim to support and create a global ecosystem of commercial space ventures.

Homo Spaciens

Space Advocacy

(¹) "Seeing Earth from space is key to saving our species from itself" VICE  

TEDx Talk in Paris

TEDx Talk in Paris. Courtesy of IESEG

100 Year Starship

Interstellar Travel

(²) "100 Year Starship Initiative: An interstellar leap for humankind?" BBC  

100YSS Team at the EU Parliament

100YSS with Buzz Aldrin. Courtesy of R.Olabisi


Lunar Settlement

(³) "European Space Agency moves ahead with plans for Moon Village" NBC  

Joint Keynote with Dr. Joe Ritter in Houston

Joint Keynote with Joe Ritter. Courtesy of T.Amato



As a forward thinker, Marsal Gifra is constantly analyzing paradigm shifts with the aim of understanding the future.

In 2014, he was appointed to lead and direct the Megatrends Watch Institute, a foresight think-tank dedicated to the study of global megatrends and their impact on the future. From this position he is, in collaboration with other research organizations, exploring the intersection and relationship between MegatrendsSingularity,² and Globalization³ to bring about a better and broader vision of the human future.

Megatrends Watch Institute

Megatrends Research

(¹) "What Global Megatrends can Teach us about Impact Investing" Forbes  

Global Megatrends Talk at the University of Lima

Megatrends Talk. Courtesy of Lima University

Singularity University

Singularity Studies

(²) "Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions for the Next 25 Years" Singularity Hub  

Barcelona Challenge 2020 by Singularity University and IESE

BCN 2020 by Singularity University. Courtesy of IESE

World Economic Forum

Globalization Outlook

(³) "The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What it Means and How to Respond" Foreign Affairs  

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

WEF Annual Meeting 2017. Courtesy of WEF