Conference talk at MACBA Museum

Foreseeing the probable and possible futures

The MACBA Museum has organised a series of conferences to scrutinize the uncertain futures we face today. In this context, Gifra gave a keynote talk discussing the current state of the world and possible future states.

Conference talk at ESADE Business School

Disruptive innovation and moonshot thinking

At the heart of moonshot thinking is a willingness to dream big, take risks and learn from failure. It is a concept that revolves around radical change. In this occasion, Gifra gave a lecture on adopting a disruptive mindset.

Setting sail to new extrasolar worlds

For the first time in mankind history, we are consciously aware of the fact that Earth has been our own cradle. In this TEDx talk, Gifra envisions the time when humans leave this cradle to become a multiplanetary species.

Conference talk at EAE Business School

Next business frontiers and future economies

Investors are anxiously considering what industry will provide the next leap forward. In this keynote, Gifra reflected upon the current business trends that are shaping the future of companies and organizations.

Conference talk at EU Parliament

Developing an off-Earth economic paradigm

The European Union held a summit to discuss the future plans for space science and technology, and invited the 100 Year Starship team to join in. At this conference, Gifra gave a talk on developing the orbital economy.

Conference talk at 100 Year Starship Symposium

Creating an interstellar space programme

NASA and DARPA jointly organised the 100 Year Starship Symposium to seed a public-private effort to make interstellar human spaceflight reality. In this symposium, Gifra presented a roadmap for intestellar flight.

Expertise and Interests

Marsal Gifra

During the past decades, he has cultivated a unique track record in creating and growing vanguard ventures —allowing him to acquire a solid expertise in foresight and innovation.


Driven by his pioneering spirit, he continues to pursue new project ideas in the fields of artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and virtual reality, where he sees an opportunity.


Space exploration is his great passion in life. Moreover, he keeps developing challenging space ventures, as he believes the cosmos holds the key to the survival of our species.


Concerned about the future perspective of mankind, he is constantly analysing current and future trends with the aim to elaborate new visions that can inspire a better future.

To learn more about his professional career, please visit his public profile on LinkedIn | .